Next Meeting: 

March 15th, Rex Hospital, Raleigh, Private Dining Room, 7:00PM - 9:00PM.  Our guest speaker, Debbie Oral - "Keeping a Clean Healthy Gut" -  will not be available to be with us at this meeting.  She is rescheduled for our May meeting. 

 However, Henry Caldwell (Whole Foods GF Bakehouse) will be with us.  His discussion topic will be bread baking, and, he hopes for "lots of questions" from us. Additionally, if you still have the form from the previous sample baking in which we took part, please bring it with you.  To start our meeting, Hadassah Patterson will share current information in which she is involved.    

Facebook Site:

Our Facebook site is becoming more active as members discuss items of interest concerning Celiac Disease.

The closed Facebook site only for members of the the Raleigh Celiac Support Group. If you are a member of the Raleigh Celiac Support Group you can contact Beth Fetvedt or Trevor Bower to join our Facebook site.

Meeting Notes:

November 16, 2017 Meeting Notes

Our November meeting program featured Speakers, Henry Caldwell and Lee Tobin, from the Gluten Free Bakehouse.  Henry and Lee brought us frozen samples to evaluate as part of a possible future release frozen dough for a number of new products lines from Whole Foods.

September 21, 2017 Meeting Notes

Pat Berger discussed the new National Celiac Association, (NCA), we are now members of since it took over the organization originally based out of Seward, Nebraska. The NCA has greater possibilities and influence nation wide. There are a number options for membership. We, Raleigh Celiac Group,  are joining as a Resource Team membership  since we are really a small group, are not incorporated, not registered with the IRS as a 501c3 nonprofit and are not collecting dues or selling any products. The NCA publishes a magazine that currently comes out three times a year for members.  Members also receive a monthly e-newsltter. Individual full memberships are $30.00 per year.  Magazine only memberships are $19.00 per year.

Beth Fetvedt presented the new Facebook site she has developed. It is a closed Facebook website just for the group. I think this will a great opportunity for our group to exchange information, recipes, hints, good places to find gluten free food and many more ideas. This group can also be a good source of information for guest speakers and expert resources for our questions.  Again, the group is only  for members of Raleigh Celiac Support Group Members. Beth will be contacting you about joining as she is the administrator of the group.

We briefly discussed our last meeting and the presentation by Dr. Zickmann. Some of the members had additional questions about dosage amounts, how soon before or after eating food suspected having gluten contamination. There was also a question if the Gliadin X was a good option if you went out and knowingly ate food containing gluten like a hamburger or pasta. The consenses was the Gliadin was useful for an accidental cross contamination incident. Another question was asked about any reactions people might observe after taking the medication. Further checking on the advocacy of Gliadin X is needed. If any of you have questions regarding Gliadin X please send them to me and I'll try to compile them and obtain answers for you.

Our next meeting will be on November 16, 2017. We are working with Whole Foods Gluten Free Bakery to be presenting new products at the November meeting 

July 2017 Meeting Notes

Our July meeting was with Dr. Zickmann, via Skype, was very informative.  With background in the fields of medicine and dentistry, he developed Gliadin X, an enzyme that breaks down gluten before it reaches the small intestine.
Gliadin X is not a cure for CD.  However, when taken prior to eating, his research shows it does allow the ingestion of gluten containing foods without ill effects. 


Dave Gardner's bakery products are now available at:


Mellow Mushroom

Standard Foods

Village Deli Cameron Village

Village Deli Lake Boone Trail


Poppyseed Market

Café Sola

Wake Forest

Euro Café

Village Deli 

Mellow Mushroom


Ruckus Pizza Tryon Rd.

Ruckus Pizza Harrison Ave.

Mellow Mushroom





Kings Red and White

Durham Co-op Market

Geer St. Garden

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American Meltdown

Durham Farmers Market

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Root Cellar


Caramel Market

Weaver St. Market Southern Village

The Loop


Weaver St. Market

Neals Deli

Elmos Diner 

Johnnys Gone Fishin 


Weaver St. Market

Bella Bean Organics


Phoenix Bakery

Virlies Grill


Ruckus Pizza

Village Deli


The General Store


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Mellow Mushroom


Back Yard Produce

 Give them a try - they are excellent! 

 Pizza and Subs:
Making a hit with GF Pizza is "Rosalini's Pizza and Subs," 6210 Rogers Rd., Rolesville.  Tel: 919-453-1466. Website:  Owners are GF knowledgeable and have dedicated space, utensils, and baking needs for GF food preparation. Feedback is very positive. 

The Raleigh Celiac Support Group is a registered member of the NCA, National Celiac Association which is the American Support Association for those of us with Celiac Disease.

We meet every 2nd month (see calendar for dates) in the cafeteria's Private Dining Room at Rex Hospital on Blue Ridge Road, Raleigh.

At our meetings, our Group Leader, Patricia Berger, organizes speakers, nutritionists and local gluten free food suppliers to come and talk, educate and feed us!

The website for the Celiac Support Association is an excellent source of information about celiac disease, the symptoms, the legalities etc.  Check it out at

On this website we focus on local support. We will give details of who is presenting at our bi-monthly meetings.  We list restaurants that our members have recommended, we tell you about gluten free events that are happening in our area and help all of us live an easier, gluten free life in Raleigh.