Local Restaurants

Bonefish Grill, North HIlls, 
Good gluten free menu, knowledgeable wait and kitchen staff

Gluten free menu, separate grilling surface for gluten free, gluten free desserts

Vivo's Italian Restaurant
This restaurant is on Six Forks Road. Owner's son is celiac so very aware.  Has separate area in kitchen for preparing gluten free meals.  Food is excellent.  Website undergoing work right now, will put up link when it is back up and running.

Totally gluten free restaurant in Durham, a new restaurant and all reports are very positive.  Food and service excellent and so nice not to worry about the menu.

Outback Restaurant
Gluten free menu, separate grill surface for gluten free food, gluten free brownie dessert

Bella Monica Restaurant
Extensive gluten free menu including pastas and desserts

Mexican restaurant downtown, make their own corn tortillas.  They are so good I actually called the waitress back thinking she had given me flour tortillas by mistake.

Big Al's BBQ
There is a restaurant that should be added to our website. BIG AL's BBQ. They have lots of GF options to choose from. I eat there many times and the stuff is aware of GF people. The only item you may not want to eat is the french fries as they are cooked with other items.

Winston's Grille

Milton's Pizza and Pasta

Rosalini's Pizza and Subs," 6210 Rogers Rd., Rolesville.  Tel: 919-453-1466. Website: www.RosalinisPizza.com

Treforni Pizza,Hope Valley Commons, 1125 W. NC Highway 54, Durham  27707

Tonys Oyster bar in Cary 

Recommended By Carol Harris:

Just wanted to pass on that my daughter took me out to eat tonight at Tonys Oyster bar in Cary because she discovered that the chef there will cook GF fried seafood and promises no cross contamination.

So although I like grilled and boiled shrimp, I decided to try the GF fried shrimp tonight - they cook it in a separate fryer than the regular seafood he said spaced well away from the other fryers.

The fried shrimp was so good - could not tell the difference between that and regular shrimp I remember eating before celiac. My daughter tasted it and said she couldn't either.

So just wanted to pass it on in case someone was craving fried shrimp!

FYI the restaurant is undergoing renovation so the sign is not prominent in the shopping center

It was not crowded and we had a nice quiet meal and felt well taken care of in regards to being GF.